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Welcome to FreeQ: an Interactive Query Interface for Freebase

Freebase is a large-scale open-world database where users collaboratively create and structure content over an open platform. Keyword queries over Freebase are notoriously ambiguous due to the size and the structure of the dataset. To this end, novel techniques are required to enable naive users increasing expressiveness of their queries and retrieving the desired data. FreeQ offers users an efficient interface for incremental query construction over a large-scale dataset to support users in finding the desired interpretation of a keyword query quickly and accurately.

The FreeQ demo (java applet) can be found here.

A screencast of the FreeQ system is available here.

Example queries for FreeQ

  • film festival
  • This query searches for film festivals.
  • horror film
  • This query searches for a horror movie.
  • chuck berry album
  • This query searches for an album of Chuck Berry.

Supported queries

The current FreeQ implementation interprets keywords as schema terms and attribute values. The dump of the Freebase data used in the demo is from May 2011.