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Welcome to YAGO+F

Linked Open Data (LOD) has emerged as the de-facto standard for publishing data on the Web. The cross-domain large scale Freebase and YAGO datasets represent central hubs and reference points for the LOD cloud. Freebase is an open-world large scale dataset which contains about 22 million entities and more than 350 million facts in more than 100 domains. The scale of Freebase makes it difficult for the users to get an overview of the data and efficiently retrieve the desired information. Integration of Freebase with the YAGO ontology that contains more than 360,000 concepts enables us to provide more semantic information for Freebase and to facilitate novel applications, such as efficient query construction, over large scale data. In this paper we analyze the structure of YAGO in more depth and show how to match YAGO and Freebase categories. The new YAGO+F structure that results from our matching tightly connects both datasets and provides an important next step to systematically interconnect LOD subcollections. We make our YAGO+F structure available online in the hope that it can provide a good starting point for future applications, which can build upon a wide variety of Freebase data clearly arranged in the semantic categories of YAGO.

You are free to use the ontology in any way you need to, provided you cite the paper whenever you use the ontology. For citation, please use:

Elena Demidova, Iryna Oelze, and Wolfgang Nejdl. Aligning Freebase with the YAGO Ontology. In Proceeding of the ACM International Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM 2013), San Francisco, CA, USA, Oct. 2013. bibtex pdf

You can download the YAGO+F mapping in tsv and n3 formats.

Additional information about the mapping (i.e. mapping scores and number of shared instances in the categories) can be found in excel and tsv formats.

You can find YAGO and Freebase datasets at: YAGO and Freebase.

Technical report from May 2013 is available here: YAGO+F TR.